Football Prediction for 13 September 2022

EUR Europe Champions League:

Viktoria Plzen vs Inter Milan

The favorite of the upcoming meeting is Inter. However, it is difficult for him to win, especially without Lukaku, who remains injured. Victoria, at best, can only count on points at home. It is possible that she will collect them already in the upcoming meeting. In our opinion, it is worth choosing the victory of the hosts with a plus handicap.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • Handicap(+2.5) Viktoria Plzen @1.23

Liverpool vs Ajax

The Reds are not having the best of times, there are disagreements in the team, so it’s hard to say whether they will be able to work without mistakes. Ajax is in great shape, so the team should definitely not be underestimated. We believe that Schroeder’s proteges will be able to score at least one goal.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • Handicap(+2.5) Ajax @1.25

Porto vs Brugge

The favorite of the upcoming meeting is Porto. However, the team is undergoing restructuring at the beginning of the season after the departure of a number of players. In addition, Taremi and Otavio will not take part in the match. Nevertheless, Porto will find its goal, but it is unlikely not to miss it.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • Yellow Cards – Total 2 Under(3.5) @1.35

 Bayern Munich vs Barcelona

Indeed, the position is fair, because the Germans beat the opponent twice last year and are acting confidently today. The guests, of course, have become stronger, so they will try to take revenge for past defeats. We believe that the confrontation will be effective.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • Shots on Target – Total Over(8.5) @1.32

Bayer Leverkusen vs Atletico Madrid

At the end of the prediction for Bayer – Atletico, we will draw a small conclusion based on all of the above. The current condition of the guests causes much less concern, and we have no doubt that with due diligence they will write down at least one point but to be on a safer side we go for the best option.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • Yellow Cards – Total Over(3.5) @1.32

Sporting vs Tottenham Hotspur

The home team is in optimal shape, especially since they are also fighting for entry into the playoffs. Spurs definitely benefit from extra days of rest and preparation, so they will try to make a margin of goals in the first half. We believe that the confrontation will be effective.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • Total Over(1.5) @1.38
  • Yellow Cards – Total Over(2.5) @1.28

Olympique Marseille vs Eintracht Frankfurt

 The latest results of the hosts cause much more confidence, and we expect that they will reduce the backlog in terms of head-to-head. The victory of the home club is the best choice for the fight.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • Win Olympique Marseille @1.99
  • Total 1 Under(2.5) @1.30

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