Football Prediction for 10 September 2022

FRA France Ligue 1:

PSG vs Stade Brest

Parisians will not experience problems in this meeting, so for an excellent coefficient we hope that the home team will have a confident victory. 

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • 1st Half, PSG Over(0.5) @1.23

Olympique Marseille vs Lille

We can draw the following conclusion: both one and the other team have chances to win this meeting. So we will not bet on victory of any club and let’s not forget the fact that Olympique Marseille has scored less than 2.5 goals in 5 of the last 6 home games.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • Marseille Under(2.5) @1.30
  • Yellow Cards – Total Over(2.5) @1.24

DEU Germany Bundesliga:

Hoffenheim 1899 vs Mainz

Mainz in this confrontation consistently looks good due to the high conversion of chances at the gates of the “village”. However, over the past three rounds, the latter conceded only one goal. But the “carnivals” have not lost a single point in three guest rounds, and they are now in great shape. But Hoffe is not playing at 100% yet, until the coaching staff finds the right balance.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • 2nd Half, Over(0.5) @1.21
  • Offsides – Total Under(6) @1.25

Leipzig vs Borussia Dortmund

Last season, the Bulls showed their mettle against Borussia, but this time they are ready for a tense 90 minutes. “Bumblebees” scored a great move, which you can’t exactly say about Leipzig with its defense. And since under Rosa the “bulls” will not change dramatically in a short time.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • Total Dortmund Over(0.5) @1.24

Bayern Munich vs Stuttgart

Although Bayern returned from Italy to sweat for an hour and a half on Saturday’s matchday, the Swabians should not relax ahead of time. There will definitely not be a repeat of the last trip to Munich, since this time the favorite needs points to take the lead in the championship early.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • Shots on Target – Total Over(8.5) @1.25
  • Corner – 1st Half, Total Under(6.5) @1.20

 Eintracht Frankfurt vs Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg did well against the Eagles last season, but the balance is definitely not in their favor right now. “Wolves” first need to deal with their problems, and not try to use the fatigue of an opponent who played in European competition to their advantage. In addition, Frankfurt now has enough forces to fight on two fronts.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • Eintracht Frankfurt To Win @2.08
  • 1st Half, Total Over(0.5) @1.40

Schalke vs Bochum

The last official game between the rivals took place 12 years ago. Then Bochum withstood pressure from Schalke, drawing at home – 2:2. Both teams are now going through difficult times, and this was the result of poor preparation and passivity in the transfer market. And since they have the opportunity to improve their performance in defense, we won’t expect much goals.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • Total Under(4) @1.25

ITA Italy Serie A:

Napoli vs Spezia

Summing up the prediction for Napoli vs Spezia, we take into account the game of the hosts during the week in the Champions League and the fact that the guests are a pretty strong team that is quite difficult to beat. Spezia played with Juventus and Inter almost the whole game on equal terms, but missed at the very end.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • Handicap(+3) Spezia @1.24

Inter Milan vs Torino

Summing up the prediction for Inter vs Torino, one should take into account the game against Bayern Munich in the Champions League, where there are absolutely different speeds and a different level of resistance. The fatigue of the Inzaghi team is able to take advantage of the “pomegranates”, who will try to crush the opponent’s pressure. 

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • Handicap(+2.5) Torino @1.24

Sampdoria vs Milan

Summing up the prediction for Sampdoria vs Milan, we compare the current form and notice the huge advantage of the Pioli team. The Rossoneri squad is much stronger, the leaders are in great shape, and there is everything to win a clean victory.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • Milan To Win @1.56
  • Milan Under(3) @1.20

ESP Spain LaLiga:

Cadiz vs Barcelona

In the final part of the prediction for Cadiz – Barcelona, we will make a small conclusion based on all of the above. The defensive fortifications of the owners are rightly seriously criticized, and there is every reason to think that this time they will not resist the onslaught of masterful opponents.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • Barcelona To Win @1.30
  • Shots on Target – Barcelona Over(5.5) @1.30

Atletico Madrid vs Celta de Vigo

At the end of the prediction for Atletico – Celta, we state that everything is not at all obvious in this meeting. The hosts have practically no time to take a breath, and it is logical to assume that they will escape the key players before the Champions League.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • Atletico Madrid Under(2.5) @1.25

NLD Netherlands Eredivisie:

Ajax vs Heerenveen

Despite the detailed analysis of the teams, there is still an element of surprise in this match. None of the teams, will want to just give up three points. Therefore, we would not be surprised at some unexpected result, and it is logical to assume that they will escape the key players before the Champions League.

Best Picks To Bet On:

  • 1st Half, Total Over(0.5) @1.20
  • Corners – Total 1 Over(5.5) @1.25

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