Double Chance Football Predictions
Double Chance is a popular betting strategy used in football matches it covers two of the three possible outcomes of the match. e.g Home win or draw (1X), Away win or draw (X2), or either of the team to win (12).

Double Chance Betting Tips

Double Chance Predictions

With the double chance prediction, a bettor has more options to leverage two options for a possible outcome of a game. Once a bettor plays a double chance prediction in his ticket it therefore implies that he is putting together two outcomes in his ticket. Most of the option that is available for bettors when you are playing double chance include home win or draw (1x), away win or draw (x2), home and away win or draw (x12), and home and away win (12) this option is regarded as the simplest options that a bettor can use to win his first game in football betting.

Over the years bettors have been leveraging on double chance predictions as a sure way to win games, as a bettor you have the option to play home and away win or draw (1×2) once any of the sides score during the match you win the game and if both team play goal less you will also win the game.

In football betting irrespective of any country in the world you are staying in at the same time irrespective of the gambling company that you are using to play your football betting double chance prediction option remains the same anywhere in the world which is home win or draw (1x), home and away win (12), and away win or draw (x2).