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By promoting your business on LibertyPredict, you’re sure to reach a wide range of Nigerian and African audiences who love and are interested in gaming and betting. We have coverage in all African countries (with fair coverage in Europe, Asia, and America), with 50,000 to 100,000 daily pageviews and 50,000+ daily users. With that figure, you’re sure to reach your Target audience when you Advertise on TrendyBeatz Visitors Statistics

Monthly Users: 500K+ Monthly Users.

Monthly Pageviews: 4 Million+ Monthly Pageviews

Daily Pageviews: 50,000+ Daily Pageviews

we have Fixed advert rates which allows you to Place your Advert to be seen by either the Whole Traffic (Visitors) or Half of the Traffic. This Deal is called take-over because it allocates a placement position solely to you with no other Advert in Rotation for the period of our Contract with you.

Minimum Deposit for Advert

Currently, we only accept a minimum deposit of N30,000 or $100. You can’t deposit less than that, but you can deposit more.

Prohibited Adverts

Currently, we accept all Adverts excluding Porn Ads

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