Di Maria: World Cup Hero Receives Death Threats In Argentina

The threat was reportedly written on a note and thrown from a grey car at 2:30 a.m. Monday, local time, landing successfully at one of the entrances to the private neighbourhood of Miraflores. According to the Buenos Aires Times, the housing complex is home to several members of Di Maria’s family, including his mother. The note was addressed to the aforementioned family and threatened his return to his hometown of Rosario, in the province of Santa Fe.

According to the BA Times, the note was wrapped in a black plastic bag and delivered to the gated community’s front doors. According to Mdzol.com, the vile message on it read: “Tell your son Angel not to return to Rosario again because otherwise we will screw him up by killing a family member.” Not even [Maximiliano] Pullaro [Governor of Santa Fe Province] will save you. We do not throw away pieces of paper. We throw lead and dead bodies.”

The note was immediately seized by police, and authorities are now investigating to determine who committed the crime and why. It’s unclear why Di Maria, an Argentina legend and one of the heroes of their 2022 World Cup victory, has been targeted. The BA Times reports that the gang in question is suspected of drug trafficking.

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